Our Services


Services Include:

  • Mobile Payment
  • Social Media Account Creation and Basics
  • Password Management
  • Email Tips and Tricks
  • Online Shopping Skills
  • Online Banking
  • Video Calling Basics
  • Social Media Privacy and Security
  • Online Travel Planning Basics


Services Include:

  • Email and other Account Setup
  • Voice Assistant Setup
  • Cloud Storage Setup
  • Mobile Payment Setup
  • Home Network Setup and Optimization
  • Password Management Setup
  • Online Banking Setup
  • Digital Entertainment Setup


Services Include:

  • Technology Troubleshooting
  • Tech Recommendations and Consultation
  • Online Health, Safety and Security
  • Photo/Video Digitization
  • Photo/Video Organization
  • Device Installation
    • Security Cameras
    • WiFi Doorbell Cameras
    • Smart Locks and more!


Sliding Scale Payment Model

As a business that is committed to making our services accessible to everyone, we understand that some individuals may face financial challenges. 

Therefore, we offer a sliding scale payment option based on income and other factors for individuals who require our services but cannot afford our regular prices.

Normal Price
Example Sliding Scale Price*

Device Setup/Troubleshooting - $39.99 / Hour

Device Training - $49.99 / Hour

Data Backup - $24.99 / Hour

Device Setup/Troubleshooting - $24.99 / Hour

Device Training - $34.99 / Hour

Data Backup - $16.99 / Hour

Start your journey to master technology today!

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*Example price depends on income and other factors


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